Jumpy Car ADHD


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Jumpy Car ADHD is a funny game about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

All levels are avaliable on Free Version!!! + 32 Levels.

News: Quizz’s; Memory Games; + 8 levels.

In this game you will drive a incredible car… (without brakes)… you can only jump to avoid the “Distractors”. It’s a very funny and challenging game.

In each level you can see dialogs between Andy (one kid with ADHD) and Dr. Barks (the best psychologist in the world). In these dialogs, you will learn a lot of things about ADHD. There are three main chapters:

1) What is ADHD?
2) What causes ADHD?
3) How to Treat ADHD?

4) Overcome ADHD

Jumpy Car ADHD -

You need to help Andy by driving the Jumpy Car. You will carry the Andy to the medical appointments, where Dr. Barks is waiting… to explain things about the ADHD.

This game is a quite useful tool for: Children/Adolescents with or without ADHD; Parents; Psychologists; Doctors and Teachers. The friends of children with ADHD are also invited to play this game.
You can have access to many useful links about ADHD, and (in the full version) have access to the section “Doctor’s Recommendations”, with useful recommendations to parents and children.


You can login with Facebook and share your success in this game. You can share ADHD in your Facebook account. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page 🙂

In full version you can unlock new chapters using the coins collected during the game. You can play, in total, 24 levels with many adventures. The free version only allow you to play 6 levels, but we recommend that you try the free version before install the full version, to test this app in your device.

Jumpy Car ADHD

This game was developed by Dr. Ivo Pinto, an Clinical Psychologist with experience on ADHD. Help us develop more resources on ADHD by installing the full version.

This app will be available in the follow languages:
–> English (Available);
–> Portuguese (Available);
–> Spanish (Available)**;
–> French*;
–> German*;

* Is not available yet. It will be available soon.
** New!! It’s now available! But can contain some language errors (correction phase).

Keep yourself attentive for new updates. We are always updating to correct errors and add new features.


Any problem contact us (In English or Portuguese, in preference):

Thanks for your attention;
Best Regards,
Dr. Ivo Pinto

Download it Now!!

Download Free Version                                       Download Full Version

More ScreenShots:




Download it Now!!

Download Free Version                                       Download Donation Version


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